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Poker Card Tricks - Bottom Dealing Signs

Many cheats are able to deal from the bottom of the deck. This is discussed in the movie Rounders by Edward Norton's character. In fact he gets caught at one point in the movie when they are playing with off duty policemen. One of the players notices that there is something funny about Edward Norton's character. Finally, he catches him with a "hanger" and they proceed to beat him up.

It is important for honest players to be on guard and aware of the different techniques that cheaters can use. I learned the basics of bottom dealing so that it will be easier for me to notice if someone attempts it. There are several things signs that point to bottom dealing as follows:
1. The dealer's grip. If the dealer is using a "mechanic's grip" where the cards are concealed then it could mean trouble.
2. The sound of the cards. Cards coming off the bottom of the deck make a different sound than those coming off the top. If you try it at home you should be able to hear the difference.
3. The hanger. Sometimes when the bottom card comes out too strongly the card second from the bottom comes out partly as well and is left sticking out.

One way to limit bottom dealing is to use a plastic cut card on the bottom of the deck. This is common practice in many casinos. However, it does not ensure that bottom dealing is stopped, it just makes it more difficult. Think of having a cut card on the bottom of the deck like having a steering wheel lock on a car. If someone is determined to steal the car then they'll find a way. Likewise, if someone is determined to deal from the bottom of the deck then they'll find a way to do it even with a plastic cut card on the bottom. However, if your games have rules that a plastic cut card has to remain on the bottom of the deck then maybe cheats will look for games that do not have that rule. Another thing cheaters can do is deal seconds. For example, if there is a cut card on the bottom of the deck then it might be easier for them to do things on the top part of the deck like dealing seconds.

One way cheats can still use bottom dealing, even with a plastic cut card on the bottom of the deck, is when they use the Glide to move the plastic cut card out of the way. There is more information on the glide on the Glide page. On the Glide page, Shadow performs the glide trick with ease which can be seen in his video. The trick is also known as the Easy Change.

The Bottom Dealing After Sliding Cut Card Out of Way Video on the right side of this page shows an example of bottom dealing even with a cut card. Note that in the start of the video, the Ace of Spades is shown at the bottom of the deck above the cut card. The cut card is slid out of the way and the Ace of Spades is dealt from the bottom of the deck.

Bottom Deal Grip Analysis

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Johnny Chan, Matt Damon and Edward Norton in Rounders.
and study the poker throughout the movie.

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