Fan Videos By Shadow

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One-hand Fan Card Flourish

The fan trick is a nice way to quickly spread the cards. The flourish is described in detail in The Royal Road To Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue. Here are some of the instructions.
"1. Hold the pack vertically in the right hand, between the middle phalanges of the middle and ring fingers at one end and the thumb at the other. Rest the index and little fingers lightly at the sides.
2. Hold the pack upright by a pressure of the fingers at the sides and remove the thumb, placing its tip at the middle of the back.
3. Remove the index and little fingers, grasping the pack between the tips of the ring and middle fingers at the face and the thumb at the back.
4. Spread the cards in a fan by an opposite pressure of the thumb and fingers very similar to that used in snapping the fingers. When the cards are completely fanned they are grasped by the index finger only, at the face, with the fan resting along the palm and the length of the thumb at the back." [50]

Some magicians use the fan as a fancy way of getting the cards out of the holder or putting the cards back in the folder.

Shadow took some nice photos of fans below.

One Handed Photo By Shadow

double fan card trick

Two Handed Photo By Shadow

double fan card trick

Another Fan Photo By Shadow

snake fan card trick