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Poker Card Tricks - Card Flip Information

Flipping all the cards in the deck is done once they are laid out in a manner such that they follow each other. If the cards are laid out properly the cards can be flipped back and forth multiple times as Shadow demonstrates in the video.

The photo below shows Shadow doing the Card Flip Trick. Notice that he has the cards in place so that each one sets up the next like dominos.

flip playing card trick

The Spread and Turnover (Flip)

Itís really good to do this trick at the beginning of the game or when you open a new deck so everyone can make sure that the deck isnít missing a card or there are no double cards. It can be also the first impression that you make as a dealer.

There are a few main things that you should keep in mind while doing this trick. The first one is the surface. Itís best to do this trick on a felt like surface (if you are training and you donít have any felt you can try a carpet or some surface like that). Itís much easier to keep the distances between the cards and to turn them. If you are playing on a glossy wood then donít even think of doing the turnover.

Another factor of your success with this card trick is the amount of strength you apply on the deck while spreading the cards. The pressure influences the distances between the cards. You should also use different pressures for different surfaces and types of cards. The turnover works as the domino effect with cards. The move itself is quite easy and you can learn it in less than 1 hour. You can try to expand the basic idea into more difficult moves. You can for instance try to turn the cards after the spread by using anther card or dividing the cards in the middle of the turnover. I think you can come with even more interesting ideas.

Niiro13 has more information on this trick

Commonly, to spread, you would hold the deck where:

The last three fingers are at one short end, the thumb is opposite, and the first finger is at one of the long ends.

BEVEL the cards. This makes it look much nicer, and spread evenly.

Spread the cards ina straight line, by spreading in the obvious direction.

This flourish can be used to check to see if any cards are missing, or the condition of the deck. A bad deck would have big gaps in some places, and smaller in another.