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When Shadow first posted this Russian Shuffle Trick on our message board I made things more difficult than they needed to be by not studying the photo closely. I was holding the cards the way I normally do when shuffling such that the middle of the deck was curved out away from my hand compared to the ends of the cards. Once I switched this so that the middle of the cards bent in towards my palm in comparison to the edge of the cards, the trick became much easier.

Make sure you start with your hands close together when learning the trick. You can gradually put more distance between your hands as you get better.

Russian Shuffle Tips By Niiro13

The grip is REALLY important. Here's how to get it right.

Set the deck on a table, and have it rotated vertially, so the long ends are at the left and right. Put your pinky on the upper right corner of the deck. Put your thumb on the opposite corner, or lower left. The rest fo your fingers are next to the pinky on the short side. Now, bend the cards so that they concave inside your palm, making a C shape.

NOTE: you can use your ring finger if your pinky is not strong enough.

Now, release the cards from the thumb to your other hand.

The other hand should be opened in a cradle similar to the grip used for the scissor cut.

Eventually, the cards will start springing from both the thumb and pinky, and it will be smooth.

Once you can spring smooth, and slowly at a short distance, start separating your hands further and further away.

The photo below shows Shadow doing the Russian Shuffle Trick. Notice that he has the cards concave the opposite way they would be for a normal shuffle.

russion shuffle card trick

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