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Learning poker chip tricks is a lot easier if you have your own set of chips. Repetition is the key to many of the tricks. If you only practice the chips while playing cards then you don't really have a chance to concentrate on the tricks. However if you practice away from the game you can really make progress with the tricks.

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Antonio The Magician Poker Chip Trick

I've seen Antonio The Magician and his friend who they call "unabomber" do a neat trick on the WPT. Like many poker chip tricks this one looks easy but is difficult when first attempted. Having many poker chip tricks under my belt, I didn't give up and soon found a variation of the trick getting easier and easier. I've described this variation of the trick in the message board forum. Here are the steps I use to perform the trick(this variation is in the reverse order of how Antonio does it):
1. Hold 3 poker chips in the palm of the right hand(same start as the poker chip twirl).
2. Hold the outermost poker chip between the little and ring fingers while moving the remaining poker chips towards the ring and middle fingers.
3. Separate the remaining 2 poker chips.
4. Move the middle poker chip between the ring and middle fingers while moving the last poker chip towards the middle and index fingers.
5. Move the last poker chip in position between the middle and index fingers.
6. Show the result to the audience.
In other words, Antonio starts with 4 chips up by the thumb and middle finger. He puts the pinky - ring finger chip and the ring finger - middle finger chip in place last.

Breaking it down is done the same way with the poker chips, but in the reverse order as follows:
1. Move far poker chip from middle and index fingers back between the ring and middle fingers.
2. Move 2 poker chips between ring and middle fingers back with the poker chip between the little and ring fingers.

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