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The easiest way to learn the different poker tricks is to practice over and over again. It is often difficult to practice when playing poker because it is more important to concentrate on the game.

Fortunately my friend Matt bought me a set of poker chips for my birthday so I can practice different poker chip tricks at home while watching TV. In this way, I don't worry about doing the tricks during games until I have them mastered such that they do not distract me from the game.

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Poker Chip Twirl Steps

The twirl, like most poker chip tricks has many variations. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Dutch Boyd of the World Poker Tour (WPT) says he uses poker chip tricks to intimidate other players. The steps below are what work best for me.

1. Hold 3 chips between the thumb and index finger with the outer chip about half an inch from the finger tips. The inside chip is about an inch from the finger tips.
2. Put the middle finger on the bottom of the inside chip and put the ring finger below the 3 chips(about half a centimeter down).
3. Slowly loosen the grip on the 3 chips with the thumb and index finger. Since the inside chip is held in place with the middle finger and the outer chip is held in place because it is closer to the finger tips, only the middle chip should fall.
4. Now that the middle chip is about half a centimeter below the outer and le inner chips, it is ready to be moved out.
5. Tighten the grip on the outer and inner chips with the thumb and the index finger.
6. Move the ring finger directly under the thumb pressing against the middle chip.
7. Move the middle chip out and away from the outer and inner chips by applying pressure with the ring finger and using the index finger as the pivot point.
8. Verify that the middle chip is completely clear of the outer and inner chips.
9. While holding the middle chip between the ring finger and the index finger, rotate it 180 degrees by moving it with the middle finger, such that the middle finger moves towards the palm of the hand.
10. Slide the middle chip back into place by moving the ring finger and thumb towards each other using the index finger as the pivot point.

I have seen some players that can do the trick by skipping steps 1 through 5. That is, they are able to move the middle chip out without a lot of setup. As you practive the trick you will see why this is. Over time, it becomes easier and easier to separate the middle chip from the outer and inner chips. With practice the trick gets so easy that you can do it over and over again without looking or thinking about it.

Twirl Chip Tricks Variations with Multiple Chips and/or Multiple Reps

Once the twril chip trick is mastered with 3 chips it can be attempted with 4 chips. When doing the trick with 4 chips, I have 2 chips spin in the middle instead of just 1. It is more challenging this way but with practice and patience it is not too bad. Once the trick is done routinely with 4 chips, it can be alternated with the front to back chip trick to keep things interesting. The ironic thing about the 2 tricks is that the pinky is not used in this twirl trick yet it is essential in the front to back trick.

There has been some talk in the forum about doing the twirl trick with up to 5 chips. This discussion is in the Chip Tutorial thread. One thing to keep in mind with multiple tricks is that the middle tricks can slide around a little bit. One thing I do to keep things from getting out of control is to pull the farthest middle chip during the spin. In other words, the natural tendency is for the middle chips to get out of alignment with each other as they rotate. This can be prevented by pulling the chip that starts out as the far middle chip. This pulling motion with the middle finger is done as the chip spins.

Another variation in the forum is the reverse twirl. This version is different from the natural flow of the trick but it gets easier with practice.

The twirl trick becomes especially fun when you learn how to turn the middle chip more than 180 degrees. I started out turning the middle chip 180 degrees. Once that was too easy, I started trying to turn the middle poker chip 360 degrees before sliding it back in place. Before I knew it I was able to turn it 360 degrees 5 times before sliding it back in place. In other words, I can spin the middle poker chip 180 degrees 10 times before putting it back into position.
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