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Poker Chip Stores Introduction

This page is organized by poker chip companies. Visit our Poker Chip Sets page to see things organized by type of chip.

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We've been researching poker chips on the internet for years. Most internet chip companies are reputable and we've done a great deal of work to show you the best of the best here. There are 2 poker chip stores that stand out above the rest. Each is valuable for different reasons:

PokerNStuff has some nice choices for low end chips. Here are some highlights:
  • Great prices on medium and low end chips.
  • Good deals on poker tables.

  • Read more about PokerNStuff chips here.
    Check out the PokerNStuff store now!

    PokerShopping has great prices on the 13.5g chips. Here are some highlights:
  • Using "21acePromo" gets you an extra 20% off!
  • lowest price guarantee.
  • 14 day return guarantee.
  • They sent me 13.5g chips quickly and professionally. These chips that they sent are among my favorites!
    Read more about PokerShopping chips here.
    Check out the PokerShopping store now!

  • My Experience With Custom Poker Chips
    Tyson, Xianti and I ordered some custom poker chips from WeDoItAllVegas. Even though most of the monogrammed poker chips out there use the gold foil stamp, we decided to use the silver stamp for our personalized chips. Most of the chips turned out well but some of the monogrammed chips had places where the custom stamp was not complete. I think Brock realized this so we received extra chips to make up for it. In other words, we ordered 300 personalized poker chips and we received almost 400 chips. This is because about 100 of the personalized chips had issues with the stamp. It was nice for us to get the extra monogrammed chips, even the ones with issues were not that bad.

    We were not sure how the silver ink would turn out so we got it with 4 different colors. We chose red, blue, green and black for our custom chips. The custom letters and logos are very visible on all 4 colors. I like the black and red custom chips the most but the green and blue personalized chips are not bad.

    I would recommend WeDoItAllVegas for custom poker chips. Our order turned out well just like I thought it would. Having visited Brock at WeDoItAllVegas recently, I had a feeling these personalized chips would turn out well. When Xianti and I visited Brock at the warehouse he showed us the hot stamping machine and we saw samples of custom chips for other clients.

    Another nice thing about WeDoItAllVegas is that they send rejected personalized poker chips for under 10 cents each. The nice thing about these 11.5 gram poker chips is that they are ideal for learning poker chip tricks. It is a great opportunity for someone looking to get 100 quality chips for under 10 dollars. I would also recommend it for those of you thinking about buying custom poker chips of your own. When you look at some of the rejects you get an idea of what is possible with personalized poker chips. Some designs that look great on paper do not look right on custom chips but for the most part just about any design can be incorporated on custom chips. Some folks go the simple route by getting monogrammed chips for initials. In the case of our custom chips, we used a combination of text with a logo.

    Here is what We Do It All Vegas says about the custom poker chip options available through their store:
    Gold Foil Hot Stamping of 3 Initials or Dollar Denominations ONLY 12˘ per chip for stamping on BOTH sides. Personalized Poker Chips with your initials on Poker Chips. These chips are Gold Foil hot stamped with up to three characters or the denominations. Denominations available are 5˘ , 10˘ , 25˘ , 50˘ , $1 , $2.50 , $5 , $10 , $25 , $50 $100 , $500 , and $1000.

    PERSONALIZED CUSTOM POKER CHIPS DESIGN OPTION #2 Custom Gold Foil Hot Stamping of your art work, logo or wording Perfect for Corporations, Casinos, Poker Tournaments, Home Games, Business Cards, Wedding Announcements/Favors and much more. We will manufacture a custom die for you with YOUR design. This die will never be used by anyone else and will be maintained in our offices for any future orders. Custom chip stamping is available for orders of 300 chips or more and only in increments of 50.

    CUSTOM POKER CHIPS DESIGN OPTION #3 We will take your 4 color art work, Logo or Picture, reproduce it and print it on an inlay in a 9.5g composite poker chip. Perfect for casinos corporations, tokens, tournaments, ,wedding favors, business cards and much more. Put your picture or logo on a custom poker chip! Our customers include Milwaukee's Best, Budweiser, Empire Poker, True Poker, Amateur Poker League, Cruises America, ESPN, San Diego Poker League, countless poker rooms, weddings, business cards and many more. Use your imagination! Corporate and Quantity pricing available.

    Poker n Stuff Chips

    PokerNStuff has some of the best deals on Poker Chip sets anywhere in the marketplace.

    Poker n Stuff has all kinds of different poker chips. They have the heavy duty high quality 13.5 gram poker chips all the way down to the lighter, cheaper versions. Here is how they describe the nice 13.5 gram chip:
    These professional 13.5g double suited heavy weight poker chips are quality clay chips produced from Hi-grade composite resin material with an insert. The double card suits and stripes around the chip are our heaviest chips available. Its easy to choose your color preference, just click on the above personalized drop down menu. Quantity should add up to 300 total chips. Default colors will be shipped if colors are not chosen. 300 piece sets are good for 3 to 4 players. Improve your home games with our popular professional 13.5g clay casino size poker chips.

    If you're on a tight budget for purchasing poker chips then the 7.5 gram chips from Poker n Stuff might be the chip for you. Here is how the chips are described:
    Solid diamond design. Perfect for tournament play. These poker chips are made of quality composite material. It is perfectly molded all around with no imperfections. Improve your poker home games with these 7.5 gram casino poker chips.

    The 11.5 gram chips are a nice choice for those with a medium sized budget. Poker n Stuff has the 11.5 gram chips in both clay and in composite versions.

    Here is how Poker n Stuff describes the 11.5 gram clay chip sets:
    Yes, real clay poker chips in 11.5 gram weight. These Dice poker chip are produced from real clay material with an insert that gives them weight and feel of casino quality chips. The 6 different combination dice design run along the chips outer rim with one solid stripe separating each dice, perfectly molded with no imperfections. Its easy to choose your color preference. Quantity should add up to 500 total chips. Default colors will be shipped if colors are not chosen. 500 piece sets are good for 7 to 8 players. Improve your home games with these professional 11.5g casino size poker chips.

    Here is how Poker n Stuff describes their 11.5 gram composite poker chips:
    These Dice poker chips are produced from Hi-grade composite resin material with an insert that gives them the weight of casino quality chips. The 6 different combination dice design run along the chips outer rim with one solid stripe separating each dice, perfectly molded with no imperfections. Improve your home games with these professional 11.5g casino size poker chips.

    The above poker chips have a nice look if you enjoy automobiles or car souvenirs.
    Las Vegas is one of the best places in the world to play poker. The above chips have that Las Vegas flavor with the dice logo on them.

    Some of the funniest art prints around show dogs playing poker. These poker chips have different dogs on them. We enjoy seeing dogs mixed in with gambling and these poker chips do a good job of getting the dogs into the act.

    Here is how Poker n Stuff describes their set of these dog chips:
    The illustrations on these poker chips are for all animal lovers! These 2-tone color quality doggie chips are produced from hi-grade pro clay composite resin material with rounder edges for superior texture. All chips have values on both sides. Its easy to choose your color preference, Quantity should add up to 300 total chips. Default colors will be shipped if colors are not chosen. 300 piece sets are good for 3 to 4 players. Improve your home games with these premier 9g pro clay casino size poker chips.

    PokerShopping Poker Chips

    has the top quality 50Pc 13.5Gram Pro Clay "Stripe Suit" Poker Chip. Don't forget to enter "21acePromo" for 20% off!

    Here is how they describe it:
    A beautiful set of 50pc 13.5 gram heavy weighted Stripe Suit clay poker chips made of high quality clay composite material. These chips are the heaviest chips available on the market and have the ultimate playing feel with the perfect sound that will really impress your friends! The ideal poker chips for your home poker game or your poker chip collection. These casino sized chips (39 mm diameter are blank with no printed value and you can choose among the following 5 colors:
    WHITE (commonly used as $1)
    RED (commonly used as $5)
    BLUE (commonly used as $10)
    GREEN (commonly used as $25)
    BLACK (commonly used as $100)
    An advantage of using chips with no printed value is that you can assign the value you prefer to different colors.

    PokerShopping has some great info on regular composite chips and clay composite chips. You have to be careful on places like ebay because you might think you are getting clay composite when in fact you are getting regular composite. Remember there is no such thing as a pure clay chip but some chips are a lot more clay-like than others.

    Please study their definitions below for composite and clay composites:

    Composite Chips
    Composite chips can consist of different materials, but usually the main material is a high impact strength plastic known as ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). Our 11.5 gram composite chip is made of a top quality composite resin, a tooth-colored plastic mixture filled with glass (ABS). A small piece of metal is inserted into our 11.5 gram chip to add weight and to enable hot stamping. Price is the number one advantage to using composite chips. Thanks to lower raw material costs and less labor costs, composite chips are always going to be less expensive than clay composite chips. Also, because ABS is harder than clay, designs on composite chips are sharper and more detailed than on its clay counterparts. Composite chips are also more durable and have a longer lifespan than clay composite chips. However, composite chips do not stack as well as clay chips (because of a more slippery surface) and some players do not like the pinging sound composite chips make when dropped against each other.

    Clay Composite Chips
    Clay composite chips is the top choice for most discerning poker players. One advantage to using clay composite chips is better stacking ability. The dull texture of clay chips makes them easier to stack than their composite (ABS) counterparts that have a slicker surface. Some players also appreciate the thud sound that clay chips make. Then there is the nostalgic feeling of playing with the same material that original poker chips were made of. Many players also choose clay chips because it is the chip of choice at casinos around the world. There are some disadvantages associated with clay chips. Clay chips are more expensive than composite chips. Also, they are less durable than composite chips and are also relatively fragile (they chip easily). One other thing to take into consideration is that the design on clay chips can vary a little from chip to chip. Clay has a tendency to spread out the color. However, off color should never be more than a couple of percent on our chips. Please note that there is no such thing as 100 percent pure clay poker chips. A pure clay chip would be so weak that you would be able to easily break it in half with your fingers. Our clay composite poker chips are made of 7 percent clay and 93 percent ABS plastic. This can be compared to casino chips which usually consist of about 15 percent clay. The lower percentage in clay allows for a more durable clay chip at a lower price, but with the same clay feeling. Clay costs many times more than ABS and a chip with 15 percent clay would be much more expensive. Our 13.5 gram composite clay chips are inserted with a small piece of metal to add weight and enable hot stamping. Our 9 gram clay chips are not inserted with any metal and are more expensive than our 13.5 gram ones because they contain more pure clay. The more clay in a chip, the more you will pay for a set of poker chips.

    Customer Testimonials From Poker Shopping

    Poker Shopping has been in business for a long time and they have many satisfied customers. I've received poker chip sets from them personally and the timing of the shipment was outstanding. The customer service as a whole was excellent and the chips were nice quality.

    Here are what other folks have said about Poker Shopping:
    "I would like thank you for the great service you gave my wife. The chip set is great" -Michael

    "I received the poker sets today. They rock, and I could not be happier with them. Thank you very much for accomidating me. It meant a lot. I will do my best to get your name out around here as much as I can. In an age where customer service is dying, you guys are a breath of fresh air. Thank you again." - Matthew

    "Wow! It looks like the word is getting around that pokershopping service is good amongst our members. I hope you guys are getting a lot of business." - Affiliate

    "Thanks a lot! You guys have a great service". - JL

    "Thank you very much KG, looking forward to doing more business with you" - Bangvu

    "I received the order. Thanks a lot for helping to put it together, everything looks great. I will definitely recommend you to freinds of mine looking for poker chips. I was very pleased with your product" - Rob

    "You are gaining market share! Great job pokershopping" - JZ

    "Thank you! Pokershopping has been the most fast and helpful site I have dealt with" - Alex

    "That's what I call customer service" - DR

    "Thank you again for the outstanding customer service" - Carri

    My experiences with PokerShopping

    Recently CR from PokerShopping sent me a leather case set. The leather case is absolutely amazing, it is very classy. I've always been a big fan of PokerShopping because they offer heavy chips at great prices. Again, I enjoy heavy poker chips because once you learn how to do a poker chip trick with a heavy chip it is really easy to do the same trick with the lighter 10g chips in the casinos. In other words, it is kind of like a boxer training for a fight by running at a high elevation. Once he comes down to sea level he is ready to go. I highly recommend getting the leather case with your chip set at PokerShopping, there is nothing wrong with the aluminum cases (I have those too) but the leather case is very special.

    Check out the pictures of my leather case in our Poker Chips Cases section!

    Spinettis Poker Chip Store

    Visit Spinettis Now! Don't forget to use discount code 21ACE for 10% off

    Mike and Anne seem to be having a nice time running their poker supply store. They both enjoy poker quite a bit. Anne even won the Ladies Tournament at Binion's Horseshoe in 1998. You probably recognize the Binion's name from the World Series of Poker.

    Here is what Mike and Anne say about their chip store:
    Hi! This is Mike & Anne Spinetti from exciting Las Vegas, Nevada the home of poker! My lifelong love for Poker began when my grandmother taught me to play when I was 5, and it has stayed with me ever since! And the best thing is that it’s shared by my beautiful wife Anne too! Anne won the Ladies Tournament at Binion’s Horseshoe, Home of the World Series of Poker in 1998. We were certainly proud to add her First Place Gold Watch to our Poker Trophy collection!

    Wherever YOU are, we want you to have the same fun and excitement playing Poker as we do here in Vegas. That’s why we work hard to offer you the BEST in poker chips, poker chip sets, gaming accessories, gambling supplies, casino equipment - layouts, card racks, gaming table tops including poker tables, blackjack tables, and many other —all the gambling accessories you want for your poker nights and/or poker tournaments!

    We pack and ship within 24 hours of receiving your order—most of the time it’s the same day! If you really, really need your poker chips right away...just give us a call....we’ll make this work for you! We can even ship overnight, if needed.

    If there’s a temporary backorder on any items, we’ll get right back to you, let you know, and we’ll figure out together what to do!

    We're sure you'll be happy with our Poker products...and we wish you lots of luck and fun!

    Customer Testimonials From Spinettis

    Spinettis has tons of satisfied customers.

    Here are what other folks have said about Spinettis:
    -Comment (or reason for contacting us): I just want to thank you all again for making my shopping experience (and in turn, my blackjack night) a huge success. I am so pleased with the service you have shown me, that I cannot stop talking Spinetti's up to everyone who'll listen. I had a couple of problems with my order - one was a manufacturing issue with the case, and the other was that I ordered too many red chips. The speed and completeness with which you addressed and resolved all of my concerns was fabulous. It's the kind of service that can be hard to find these days. I will look forward to ordering all my casino-related products from you in the future. Thanks again! -Elliott

    -Comment (or reason for contacting us): great job! you guys helped me finish my binions collection. i couldnt be happier with your service. you went the extra mile in adding on your last pair of binions kem cards to my order.i will definatly recomend you to my poker buddies. thanks alot! -Von

    -Comment (or reason for contacting us): I just wanted to compliment you on your great service and great product! I know my wife and I cannot wait to have our friends over to play a friendly game of hold'em! I have you guys bookmarked for future purchases, thanks again!! -Gene

    Don't forget to use discount code 21ACE for 10% off when visiting Spinettis.

    ePokerDeals Poker Chips

    Visit ePokerDeals Now!

    One of the best features on ePokerDeals is the poker chip showdown. Some poker chips stores just sell the chips without giving details beyond the basics. Others give information but it is always in the text format which can be boring. ePokerDeals lets the customer actually hear the difference between different types of poker chips. As we all know, the loud metallic slugs in the 11.5g composites make a noise that is not pleasant. ePokerDeals compares the sounds of all kinds of different chips.

    Here are the directions they give on this amazing tool:
    Any poker player will tell you, it is not just the way chips look that is important when making a purchase, it is the way they sound when you shuffle them in your hands and the noise the make when you "splash the pot!"

    Previous to the Showdown, players had to rely on vague descriptions on how chips sounded and felt in comparison to real clay casino chips. Sure, they could order sample packs, but having one chip per style can't really tell you how they sound when in play.

    Now, with the Poker Chip Showdown at ePokerDeals, you can really see and hear how different grades of poker chips compare to each other. There is a big difference in how different grades of chips sound and feel, and we want you to have as much information as you require before making a purchase decision.

    The videos and descriptions below should take care of most of your questions about the poker chips we offer, the only variable we can't provide, other than a description, is the way the chips feel in your hand. This can be easily taken care of by ordering our "Showdown Sampler" which contains one of each chip featured in a video on this page. This sample pack will give you an excellent "feel" for the different grades of chips we offer.

    They breakdown chips into 3 categories. All 3 categories of poker chips have videos that reveal the sound and quality of the chips. Here is how each of the poker chips categories is described:

    Pro Quality Poker Chips
    If you are, or are buying for a poker enthusiast, then our Pro Quality chips are what you should consider purchasing. There is nothing better than these chips for home use .

    Mid Quality Poker Chips
    Our Mid-Quality line of chips but are priced for those who want to come close to the sound and feel of professional chips, but would prefer to keep within a certain budget. The chips in this section are quality chips made with varying manufacturing processes to give them the casino feel and sound. The term "Clay Composite" is thrown around a lot when describing poker chips - the truth is that there is no regulation or even an accurate definition of what "Clay Composite" really means! Is it 50% clay, 10%, 5%, 1% ? We have seen descriptions of chips that we know 100% to be 100% plastic chips being described as "Clay Composite." We want you to be the judge, listen to these chips and decide for yourself which ones provide the combination of look, sound and price you are after. Most have metal inserts for added weight, this is not necessarily a bad thing, what matters is what surrounds the metal insert, and how that material sounds and feels.

    Home Quality Poker Chips
    These chips vary in price and design, but they are all 11.5 gram chips with a metal insert. The "dice style design" are typically what you would find in a department store. We offer many color and style choices in this line of chips. Although some call these "Clay Composite," the reality is that they are generally a plastic composite material. These chips are excellent for the occasional player, or for those wanting a colorful chip with interesting designs and color combinations.

    Don't waste time, visit ePokerDeals now and take the Poker Chip Showdown. This should be an important part of everyone's research when it comes time to buying poker chips.

    Poker Chips in Various Styles like Casino, Clay and Plastic

    I have all kinds of different chips and they all serve different purposes. A friend bought me a full set of the clay chips and I've used that chip set to host a home poker game. During the game we broke out my red and white chips from the set along with some of the blue chips that I had been using for poker chip tricks. I still haven't opened the black chips that came with the set. Looking back on things, I should have used the black chips for poker chip tricks becuase my friend Sean has a similar set with the same red, white and blue chips. The difference is that where I have black chips he has green chips.

    My son always wants to do what I do so when he sees me playing with poker chips he wants to do the same thing. I bought him a set of plastic chips that were much less expensive. The nice thing about the plastic chips is that he can lose them and it is not a big deal.

    I also have some real casino chips. Many of the chip tricks that I do can be performed with 3 chips. During my last successful trip at Hollywood Park Casino I took home 3 of the $1 chips because they look cool and they have a nice feel to them. In fact, my animated gif for the message board avatar shows these 3 Hollywood Park Poker Chips.

    Buying a set of poker chips is a great thing for players to do even if they don't host home games. This is because it is a lot of fun to practice different poker chip tricks with your own set. As you find more challenging tricks you find that practice time is important. I like to practice with the poker chips while I'm watching tv or out on walks around the neighborhood.

    The nice thing about having different kinds of chips is that I am used to the feel of all different types of chips. This helps when I'm in different environments because I always feel like I can do poker chip tricks, even if I'm in a home game where the chips are somewhat unusual.

    Personalized Poker Chips For Security

    Often times home games involve large amounts of money and drinking by the end of the night. This is not a situation where you want to have an opening for someone to slip their own chips into the mix.

    I've been involved in games where things couldn't be reconciled at the end of the night. I don't think it was from people slipping their own chips into things but you never know, why even make this situation possible? This is especially true for multi-table tournament home games, use personalized chips to prevent cheats from giving themselves extra high denomination poker chips. Don't let someone slip in a foreign poker chip to cheat you and your guests out of your hard earned money. WeDoItAllVegas personizes poker chips for as little as 14 cents per chip. Casinos use safe and secure personalized poker chips and you should too.

    One of the reasons all poker chips must be kept on the table is to protect the integrity of the game. Keep your home games safer by insisting that all players keep the personalized poker chips on the table at all times. Anyone who plays at your home game should get a kick out of your personalized poker chips. This is for several reasons, one is that it keeps things safer and two is that personalized poker chips look cool.

    Using personalized chips is especially important in tournaments. This is because in tournament play, the game does not stop until one person has all the chips. Obviously if people were to slip in their chips from home, it would be hard to tell when settling up. Having personalized poker chips in tournaments makes everyone feel safer and more secure.

    Personalized Poker Chips - Monogrammed Store

    Fortunately my friend Matt bought me my set of poker chips. Owning my own set has been key to learning the various poker chip tricks. We've done some research to find different poker chip sets online. If you just need a few to practice different tricks then we have a link here to get 100 chips for under 5 bucks. On the other hand, if you want to get a nice set for hosting games we have links to deluxe sets that can be personalized. I have more or less organzied this page so that the nicer more expensive sets are near the top and the cheaper sets are near the bottom.

    Customized poker chips are something special. The casinos use their own chips and now more and more people are using monogrammed poker chips for their home games. Having your initials on your chips is a neat way to set them apart and it keeps things organized in case multiple sets of chips are in the same place. If your chips have your initials on them then it is more difficult to get them mixed up with other chips. Monogrammed poker chips also make a nice gift for those who enjoy poker.

    One of the nice things about personalized chips is that it gives you a chance to have your own signature on the chips. This is also good if you suspect cheating. In other words, there are so many places with the exact same poker chips that someone could just bring extra chips in his or her pocket and then mix them in with the stack. If your chips are personalized or monogrammed then you have some protection against this. If I get personalized chips then I might get 21 on one side and Ace on the other side. This is because you are sometimes limited to 3 characters on each side when customizing poker chips. Obviously I could get my initials monogrammed on some chips sometime too.

    I've looked through many different monogrammed poker chip options on the internet and I think We Do It All Vegas is one of the best. This site has been linking to them for a long time sending hundreds and hundreds of people to their site. I have never received a complaint from any of the people who have followed these links to We Do It All Vegas and made poker chip purchases.

    Another recent trend involving personalizing things is to use the area code. Necklaces with the area code hanging down have become somewhat popular. The are code works well as a personalization on poker chips because it is exactly 3 characters long and it lets people know where you are from.

    If you think of another creative way to personalize poker chips then please let me know what you came up with in our forums. I'd love to get some personalized poker chips but I can't decide between my initials, my area code and the site name(21 Ace).

    Here are the guidelines We Do It All Vegas has for customizing poker chips:
    Tell Us Your Choice Of Up To 3 Characters in the Note Section adding it to the shopping cart. Your choice will be stamped on both sides of the chip! Customize your initials on Poker Chips. These chips can be hot stamped with up to three characters. They will be stamped on both sides. Dollar denominations available are 5˘ , 10˘ , 25˘ , 50˘ , $1 , $2.50 , $5 , $10 , $25 , $50 , $100 , $500 , and $1000. You may choose as many denominations as you have colors. Additional denominations can be offered at additional expense.

    It is sometimes less expensive in the long run to buy a complete chip set all at the same time. The sets in this link come with many different kinds of cases. Some of the cases are Aluminum, some of the cases are Solid Oak and other cases are Black Vinyl. The poker chips in the store are 11.5 grams or 8 grams. These poker chip sets in the store range in quality and quantity some of the sets have 300 chips while some of the bigger sets have up to 600 chips. The types of chips are Standard, Diamond, and Custom.

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