Dog Billiards Information

Art with dogs in human situations is very popular. These prints show dogs playing pool in various situations. Our Pool Trick Shots section has information on various trick shots in pool.

Pool Posters and Art Prints

Check out these Dog Pool Posters and Art Prints by Arthur Sarnoff.

Cassius Marcellus (CM) Coolidge who lived from 1844 to 1934 did many of the early art pieces showing dogs that we see today. His work showed dogs playing poker and smoking.

Arthur Sarnoff(1912 - 2000) continued this trend of showing dogs gambling. Troughout his career, Sarnoff had illustrations and covers for many top magazines. His work could be seen through Esquire, Saturday Evening Post and many other publications. Before free-lancing, Sarnoff worked in advertising after attending Pratt Institute and the Shool of Industrial Arts in New York. The Hustler is one of Sarnoff's most famous pieces. Another Sarnoff print that is interesting is Jack the Ripper. No, his piece is not featuring the London maniac, instead it shows a dog named Jack ripping the felt on a pool table as he takes his shot.

Dog Billiards and Pool Posters and Art Prints