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Framing Posters

Framed posters are best because they are protected from wear plus they look more professional. How many of us have had pretty good posters that weren't framed only to lose them once they were moved? Framed posters are different, they look better and they last longer.

I recommend AllPosters for Framing and Mounting. They are not expensive and their reputation is solid.

Playing Cards Posters and Poker Posters

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    Bicycle Ghost Playing Cards PosterBicycle Ghost Playing Cards Poster

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    Dogs Posing As Humans in Dog Prints

    Cassius Marcellus (CM) Coolidge created many of the prints we see in game rooms and casinos today. He lived from 1844 to 1934. In 1873 Coolidge worked in Rochester, New York on portraits of dogs in human like situations. Cigar companies printed copies of the paintings made by Coolidge. After agreeing to work with Brown & Bigelow, Coolidge became widely recognized. His dog portraits were used for posters, calendars and prints.

    One of my favorite poker prints is "Friend in Need"
    Friend in Need
    Friend in Need
    36 in. x 24 in.
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    View the large picture of this Friend In Need print.

    Everyone who plays cards is aware that it is possible to get cheated. The movie Rounders showed some of the cheating tactics on the big screen. The "Friend in Need" print makes light of the subject by showing 2 dogs who are up to no good.

    It is hard to say why we enjoy picturing dogs in human activities like poker card games. My favorite pieces by Coolidge are "Poker Sympathy" and "Pinched With Four Aces".

    Other artists like Arthur Sarnoff have also used dogs in human activities. Sarnoff has a number of prints showing dogs playing billiards. Corbis-Bettmann has a nice portrait of a dog on an L.A.F.D. Fire Truck. Dogs like dalmations are often seen in prints with fire trucks. Massy has prints of dogs in old war uniforms. B Moon has prints of dogs in police uniforms as well as dogs dressed as golfers. "Broadway Dog" and "Mimi Star and Broadway Dog" are 2 prints by Lisa Grubb that show dogs as Broadway figures. "The Prize Fighter" and "The Lecturer" by Wein show dogs dressed up in old fashioned clothes. Philip Reinagle shows a piano playing dog in his "Extraordinary Musical Dog" Art Print. M. Chicapouje has some interesting work including "Dog and Luck" showing dogs in a casino.

    The Dogs Playing Poker Poster is another one of the favorites in our Poker Posters Poll The poster shows 5 large dogs in a poker game, one of which is holding a cigar. Another one of the dogs has a cigard hanging out of his mouth. One thing that stands out about these posters is the way that things have changed in the poker world. When you watch poker today players can have a cigarette or a cigar in the mouth but it is not lit. This is in the organized poker games of course. In home poker games then people can smoke or not depending on the house rules.

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  • New poker posters seem to be coming out all the time. Check the prints below as the latest playing card posters are dynamically shown in this section. If you prefer to see more posters on each page then please check out our Poker Posters Section where there are 3 columns which enable us to show more posters in less real estate.

    Game Room Posters and Prints

    Living in California, I've never had a large basement or a lot of extra space for a game room. Friends living in other parts of the country, often have nice opportunities to put game rooms together with various poker posters on the walls. Many people like the "Friend in Need" poster which shows dogs playing poker. Others like the different playing card posters. I like almost all the prints related to poker but I don't have too much space to put them up. Hopefully when I get older we'll have an extra room where I can put up all my favorite prints. In the mean time we typically play poker in the garage where it doesn't really make sense to have posters. One nice thing about game rooms is that they are not expensive. Don't get me wrong, if you want to protect the posters and prints and keep them framed then it can add up but it doesn't have to start that way.

    Posters for Decorating

    When my wife and I bought our Sacramento house we left quite a few things behind in LA. Leaving some posters behind was a great decision. I put the posters up in new and different ways and they made the house look good even though it was largely empty. One print that brings back a lot of memories is the one of my friend Juan and I hiking. The picture was taken by my friend Kathy and it looks like we're in the middle of nowhere even though we are only in the mountains right outside of LA. Our dogs are in the picture but unfortunately they are no longer with us. Thunder, a golden lab wasn't the biggest dog in the world but he was very tough. Our Doberman, Arnold was also in the picture. Arnold was a farily even-tempered dog but people feared him because he looked intimidating. Juan's dog Champ was a German Shepard. Champ was very protective of Juan. I think one of the reasons people like the Dogs Playing Poker posters is that dogs are man's best friend. The Friend in Need print showing one dog giving another dog a card is a classic. Some of the other posters we put up in the LA house were the Venice Italy Print, my Lakers prints, 2 Egyptian Posters, a Mammoth Mountain poster and a picture from above Marina Del Rey. An empty room looks a lot better once a poster is put in place.

    Poker Posters Background

    A World Poker Tour episode hosted by Lou Diamond Phillips explored the origins of poker. They say it may have been brought to America by the French who played a game called Poque in New Orleans. The game involved bluffing and the cards had the 4 suits. Some of the posters and prints on this page are of French cards featuring suits of Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades. Playing cards spread quickly in America on the river boats. River boat gambling is well documented in our history books. We are fortunate that the French brought their games and playing cards to America where the entertainment spread. Today the World Poker Tour is an incredible event featuring stars like Doyle Brunson, Phil Helmuth, Scotty Nguyen, Gus Hansen, Phil Ivey, Layne Flack, Jennifer Harman, Howard Lederer, Devil Fish and several others. Dogs have often been featured in poker and blackjack art. It is entertaining to see the four legged creatures sitting around a poker table.

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