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These poker card guards can be purchased at The poker card guards in these photos were provided by WeDoItAllVegas. Check out more famous hands card guards from WeDoItAllVegas in our Custom Card Guards section.

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Our thoughts on the Poker Card Guard

These poker card guards are a classy way to protect your cards. They are well made and they are nice and heavy. These make a great gift for under $20. Many poker players have their own chip set but not everyone has their own card guard. When playing in casinos you can't take your chip set with you but a card guard can go with you from place to place. There are plenty of different card guards to choose from. Personally, I like the Bullets card guard. Even though some players like Doyle Brunson say they prefer Big Slick to Pocket Rockets, there is no hand like AA in my book. Maybe Doyle would choose the Big Slick card guard. Since Big Slick is a drawing hand it is easier to get away from it than it is with Aces. The Cowboys Card Guard is another nice choice. I hit a nice pot at the Mandalaly Bay in Vegas with Cowboys. The Texas Holdem Poker Game of Choice card guard is another nice creative option. The All In - Ultimage Poker Bet guard is nice. One of the fun things about no limit is putting all your chips in the center. The Nuts - Unbeatable Poker Hand Card Guard is pretty cool. One of the best feelings in poker is when you know you've won, the only worry is trying to get as many chips in the center as possible. The Pair of Queens or Ladies Card Guard is interesting. Whey I get Queens I have mixed feelings. I know it is a great hand but it almost always seems like an Ace or King comes up on board. The Holdem Bad Beat Card Guard or Nightmare on 5th Street is one of the most popular card guards. Everyone who has played for a long time has suffered through bad beats. Maybe people feel that having the bad beat on a card guard protects them from the real thing.

Here is what WeDoItAllVegas says about these card guards:
The four strongest starting hands in Texas Hold’Em are a Pair of Aces (“Bullets”), Pair of Kings (“Cowboys”), Pair of Queens (“Ladies”) and Ace/King (“Big Slick”). We have reproduced these hands in a shiny gold brass coin. The attractive artwork is color-detailed on 1½ “ diameter and each piece is HAND PAINTED giving it a one-of-a-kind quality. The coins come gift boxed and are encased in a plastic cover to keep the coin in perfect condition as you use it playing poker.

Hold'Em, Omaha, Stud and other poker players can use this product to secure their cards during play; hence the name Poker Card Guard. When not actively looking at their hand cards, players must place them face down on the table in front of their chips. Positioning the coin over the cards protects them from being accidentally exposed, fouled or folded.

Poker Card Guard

Price Comparisons for Poker Card Guard

Last time I checked, these Poker Card Guard were available for under $20. This is a great price for a nice poker gift.

Poker Card Guard Appearance

These card guards have a luxurious look. The gold-like portions really stand out. The suits are nicely displayed in black and red.

Poker Card Guard Quality

These card guards remind me of rare coins in coin collections. The quality is outstanding and they really feel like something special.

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