9 Gram Al Capone's Casino Poker Chips

9 Gram Al Capone's Casino Poker Chips Reviews

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These Al Capone poker chips are no longer available.

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Our thoughts on the 9 Gram Al Capone's Casino Poker Chips

These Al Capone poker chips have a great feel to them. The silk center part feels nice and rough like clay. Like the other 9g and 9.5g chips these are a little bit on the light side but they still feel great

Here is what WeDoItAllVegas says about these chips:
9 Gram, 12 Stripe, Heavy Weight, Casino Quality Poker Chips with a center, silk screened insert featuring Al Capone's Casino Las Vegas.

These poker chips are perfect for a home poker game and would look awesome in a poker chip collection. These are true casino quality, clay composite poker chips with no cheap metal inserts for weight.

These are the real deal. Chips are constructed of a composite of clay, silicone, Teflon, and other resins.

9 Gram Al Capone's Casino Poker Chips

Price Comparisons for 9 Gram Al Capone's Casino Poker Chips

Last time I checked, these 9 Gram Al Capone's Casino Poker Chips were available for $1.09 each. This is extremely expensive for poker chips but I guess it is not everyday that you see poker chips with Al Capone featured.

9 Gram Al Capone's Casino Poker Chips Appearance

These Al Capone poker chips are somewhat unique in that it is a little bit unusual to see poker chips with a person's picture displayed this clearly.

9 Gram Al Capone's Casino Poker Chips Quality

These chips look and feel good. The quality is obvious as the pictures came out looking nice.

About Al Capone

Born in Brooklyn in 1899 to two Italian immigrants, Al Capone entered the world in the last year of the 1800s. Later Al Capone moved to Chicago where he became famous for his crimes.

Al Capone is one of the world's most famous gangsters. Al Capone contributed to the lawlessnes of the United States during the 1920s Prohibition era. Al Capone had a huge part in the illegal activities that gave Chicago the reputation of being a lawless city.
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