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Casino Ace Poker Chips Reviews

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  • PokerNStuff also has these chips.
  • Discount Poker Shop also has these chips.

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    Our thoughts on the Casino Ace Poker Chips

    The 11.5g Casino Ace poker chips have a neat design. Like the other 11.5g composites, they have a metal slug and they make a loud noise when they hit each other.

    Here is what PokerBargains says about these chips:
    CONSUMER WARNING - be sure to purchase original and authentic Casino Ace poker chips. Counterfeit and imitation poker chips may be produced by recycled material and may cause damage over time.

    Great Gift Idea!! - Each Casino Ace poker chip set will arrive in a nicely designed retail-style box. Giving the gift of poker chips will now be nicer than ever.

    This newly introduced and hard to find original and authentic "Casino Ace" poker chip set includes:

    * 500pc. 11.5g "Casino Ace" Clay Composite Poker Chips (the design is printed onto the chip)

    Chip color breakdown:
    150 White poker chips
    150 Red poker chips
    100 Green poker chips
    50 Blue poker chips
    50 Black poker chips
    * 2 decks of high quality playing cards
    * 5 playing dice
    * 1 Luxury Edition Aluminum Case
    * FREE Dealer button

    Customer Testimonial: Dear Poker Bargains, I just recieved my 500pc. Casino Ace poker set. I would just like to say thank you so very much. Your description of the set was right on and I am so thrilled of the detail in all the chips. The case is excellent and the box it came in was a nice touch. I will be recommending you to all my friends and family for your great product, and will definitely be coming back to you for my future purchases. Again I would like to say thank you for your excellent chip set. Yours truly, Thomas P.

    Here is what PokerNStuff says about these chips:
    These Casino Ace 11.5g poker chips are produced from hi-grade composite resin material with an insert that gives them the weight of a casino quality chip. All chips have same values on both sides. Quantity should add up to 500 total chips. 500 piece sets are good for 7 to 8 players. Improve your home games with these professional 11.5g casino size poker chips.

    Casino Ace Poker Chips

    Price Comparisons for Casino Ace Poker Chips

    Last time I checked, these Casino Ace Poker Chips were available for about 24 cents per chip at PokerBargains and about 18 cents per chip at PokerNStuff.

    Casino Ace Poker Chips Appearance

    The Casino Ace chips have a nice design. Having the ace in each suit is a nice touch.

    Casino Ace Poker Chips Quality

    The quality of these chips is comparable to other 11.5g composites.
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