Deluxe Diamond Poker Chips
Where to Buy 11.5 Gram Deluxe Diamond Poker Chips
  • has a 500 set of these chips(last time I checked the price was only $79.95)
  • has super low prices(use promo "21acePromo" for an extra 20% Off!)

  • Click Here to post your review of these poker chips (No need to own these chips to post a review, just tell us how you like the look based on the photo).

    11.5 Gram Deluxe Diamond Poker Chips Reviews

    Our thoughts on the 11.5 Gram Deluxe Diamond Poker Chips

    These Deluxe Diamond 11.5 composites keep things fairly simple in terms of design. They don't go overboard with a bunch of graphics all over the place. The chips have diamonds near the edge of each chip which is enough for some people who prefer to keep the chip design straightforward.

    Deluxe Diamond Poker Chips

    Price Comparisons for 11.5 Gram Deluxe Diamond Poker Chips

    These 11.5 Gram Deluxe Diamond Poker Chips can be purchased in sleeves of 50 for under $10. This comes to less than 20 cents per chip. The last time I checked WeDoItAllVegas for these chips they where set at $7.99 for sleeves of 50.

    11.5 Gram Deluxe Diamond Poker Chips Appearance

    The appearance of these Deluxe Diamond chips is very plain. I personally like chips with a little more variety but some of my poker buddies prefer plain chips like these.

    11.5 Gram Deluxe Diamond Poker Chips Quality

    I like the weight of these 11.5 gram chips. These Deluxe Diamond chips are good quality for home poker games.

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