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    Our thoughts on the Nevada Jacks Poker Chips

    These chips look and feel awesome! The feel is grainy and solid, unlike the cheap smooth chips. At about 75 cents per poker chip these are high quality chips. They are probably best for those looking to upgrade their current chip collection.

    Here is what WeDoItAllVegas says about these chips:
    Nevada Jacks 10 Gram Poker Chips are the highest quality composite casino poker chips made that are available for home games and casinos alike. A full 10 gram casino weight poker chip with a high grade texture only found in a true casino, these are now being marketed to casinos worldwide.

    Nevada Jacks Poker Chips

    Price Comparisons for Nevada Jacks Poker Chips

    Last time I checked, these Nevada Jacks Poker Chips were available for about 75 cents per chip.

    Nevada Jacks Poker Chips Appearance

    The skull on these chips is really cool looking. The skeleton hand holding up the JAA88 is a nice touch. The Saloon & Casino verbiage fits right in.

    Nevada Jacks Poker Chips Quality

    The weight of these chips is 10g. Normally I would say that is a bit light for me but there is something about these chips that feels solid and just right.

    Nevada Jacks in the Message Board

    Here is what Pokerman9061 says about the Nevada Jacks chips:
    OK got my sample pack in today!!! So far so good. From what I see right now these chips are definitely 1 of a kind.

    They have a kind of "sandpappery"<> feel to them. This makes them the complete opposite of those slippery chips you can't shuffle, these are VERY easy to shuffle. They also don't tip over as a stack as easily. We all know (most of us ) when we have around 6 bigger stacks in front of us we'll every once in a while knick our stacks and it sends the top 8-12 chips sailing to the ground. These don't seem to do that as easily. The chips seem to be as a "whole" when they're stacked giving them a more stable feeling.

    The graphics on the chip are phenominal. Much to my surprise the pink/orange/red/blue chips are as *bright* as they seem in the pictures online. A lot of time chips will look bright and the pictures super-clear and chips flawless, then once you acquire them they seem a little dull and not the same. The marble sides look sweet when you stack them up. It's definitely a great idea especially for the brighter chips because the design really catches your eye and makes you think *wow that looks cool*. The only downfall is that if you're really far away, or really really close (don't know why you'd be either) everything but the skull and the fact he's holding a hand look blurry. From far away the sandpapper like effect gets you to squinting, and from up too close I think it's because you almost have to cross your eyes to read what's between them!

    These chips are tough! These are my sample chips so I'm putting these little sh*ts to the test! Scratching with my nail the sandpapper like texture does a tremendous job to lessen what would normally be a deep/color lifting scratch. I ran my pointer fingernail over the $100 black chip 30 times *quite hard* and nothing!!! My nail filed down quite well, but nothing noticable on the chip to the standard eye. I showed my friends and they couldn't tell (they had no knowledge of what I'd done). So basically damage with the scratch can only be told if you know right where to look because you where the bum who lit it up.
    Chipping wise the chip seems to be of great quality. The only spot on the chip I could get to take a piece out of is right on the edge if I dug in hard with my nail and pulled up. Any chip would take this damage so I'm not too worried about it. They seem durable enough to handle the hardest splashing of the pots from the wildest of players. Seems the only way you're gonna chip these bad boys is if someone nails them on the end of the table or misses their burrito with their fork and ends up with a bite worth 5 bucks .

    The size immediately perturbed me!!! I couldnt' figure out why these little things looked so small. If I sized up with all other chips they come out right, same size, held em with other chips away from my eye and they covered the whole other chip up. I think the main thing is they don't have metal or an obvious insert (phatty circle) in the middle of them. The chip stays true from the very center till the very outside. The weight doesn't feel much different than any other chip. It's a 10g chip and I've played with 10g chips so I don't know what else to say!!

    So far these chips have reached and in some measures even exceeded my expectations! I will be purchasing a 500pc set in the near future and should have them within the next 2/3 weeks. I'll update to the full review after I've played a couple of cash-games and a tourney or two with them!

    Hope you liked the review and if you have questions/comments I'll be watching and will surely reply =)

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