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Our thoughts on the Nexgen Poker Chips

The 12g Nexgen poker chips have a rough feel on the edges while the center is smooth. They are a good chip for labels because of the smooth center. They are very similar to the Nexgen2 chips which we have reviewed on the Nexgen2 page. Even though these chips have a metal insert, they don't sound that loud when they hit each other because the composite material is different from the typical 11.5g plastic composites.

Unlike the tri-colored Nexgen2, the regular Nexgen only has one different color on the edges of the chip.

Nexgen Poker Chips

Price Comparisons for Nexgen Poker Chips

Last time I checked, these Nexgen Poker Chips were available for about 31 cents per chip.

Nexgen Poker Chips Appearance

The appearance of the Nexgen chips is simple. They are a solid color except on the edges where they are splashed with a different color. The Nexgen chips look similar to clay-like chips because the paint around the edges is rough and unfinished. Keeping the text simple is part of what makes this chip look good. The edge simply says, "Las Vegas - Nevada USA".

Nexgen Poker Chips Quality

Even though these chips have a metallic slug in them it is well masked and the quality on these is higher than the 11.5 composites with metal inserts. I like heavy chips so having that extra .5 gram is kind of nice too. These feel better than the cheap plastic 11.5g composite chips. The quality on these chips is good, they are almost as nice as the really expensive chips.

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