Royal Flush Poker Chips

Royal Flush Poker Chips Reviews

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We recommend looking at PokerNStuff for these Royal Flush Poker Chips. They shipped the sample chips in the photos. Click Here to buy these Royal Flush poker chips or to lookup pricing/shipping info.

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Our thoughts on the Royal Flush Poker Chips

These Royal Flush Chips come in 2 different sytles, regular composite and clay composite. The ones I'm using are the clay composite. Even though there isn't really any such thing as pure clay chips anymore, some chips feel a lot more like clay than others. I recommend getting the clay composite version of these for that reason, they are grainy and not as smooth as the regular composites.

Here is what PokerNStuff says about these chips:
These clay royal flush 13.5g poker chips are produced from hi-grade clay material with an insert that gives them the weight of a casino quality chip. All chips have same values on both sides. Its easy to choose your color preference, just click on the above personalized drop down menu. Quantity should add up to 500 total chips. 500 piece sets are good for 7 to 8 players. Improve your home games with these professional 13.5g clay casino size poker chips.

Royal Flush Poker Chips

Price Comparisons for Royal Flush Poker Chips

Last time I checked, these Royal Flush Poker Chips were available for about 22 cents per chip, there are cheaper chips out there but they are not the same quality as this chip. This chip is a good deal for the price.

Royal Flush Poker Chips Appearance

The royal flush is the ultimate hand in poker so it is a good choice for a poker chip design. The $100 chip shows the Ten through Ace of Hearts. The $25 chip shows the Ten through Ace of Clubs. The $10 chip shows the Ten through Ace of Diamonds. The $5 chip shows the Ten through Ace of Spades. Having each of the 4 suits represented with royal flushes helps to complete the set.

Royal Flush Poker Chips Quality

The clay composite version of these chips is nice and grainy on the surface. They feel somewhat similar to the Nevada Jacks chips. The quality of these chips is quite good for the price.
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