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Strip Poker Poker Chips Reviews

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We recommend looking at Spinettis for these Strip Poker Poker Chips. They provided the sample chips in the photos. Click Here to buy these Strip Poker poker chips or to lookup pricing/shipping info.

Click Here to post your review of these poker chips (No need to own these chips to post a review, just tell us how you like the look based on the photo).

Our thoughts on the Strip Poker Poker Chips

When I first got these chips in the email from Spinettis I was a little bit worried. The first chip I saw was the 1000 purple chip. It has a woman who is not wearing any clothes. Since this site has all different ages the picture is not appropriate to display. Fortunately they also sent the 5 chip in which the girl is wearing a bikini. This picture is safe to display and it is on this page.

Here is what Spinettis says about these chips:
  • The Strip Poker Chip is a CLAY Poker Chip with a 6 color screen printed image.
  • The higher the denomination strip poker chip, the less clothes!
  • They are 11.5g in weight and 39 mm diameter casino sized chips
  • Looks like no other Poker Chip on the market. The picture is NOT a sticker.
  • With an inconspicuous metal insert, these exclusive new chips were created by the use of the latest technology to produce the real sound and coloration of an actual Casino chip.
  • When our engineers produced these chips, we couldn't believe they had an insert - they sound that great!

  • Strip Poker Poker Chips

    Price Comparisons for Strip Poker Poker Chips

    Last time I checked, these Strip Poker Poker Chips were available for about 25 cents per chip.

    Strip Poker Poker Chips Appearance

    Obviously seeing attractive women is a good thing. The girls on these chips are very sexy and they fit in nicely with the poker theme. The background cards blend nicely and the words strip poker on the outside fit in well.

    Strip Poker Poker Chips Quality

    These chips are high quality. Unlike cheap chips, they are not smooth. Instead the surface is rough and grainy like some of the more expensive chips.

    Read more about Strip Poker on our Strip Poker Variations page.
    FTR has Poker Tools plus Poker Videos and Poker Tells. The Order of Poker hands is good for rookies.

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