Tangiers Poker Chips

Tangiers Poker Chips Reviews

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We recommend looking at Spinettis for these Tangiers Poker Chips. They provided the sample chips in the photos. Click Here to buy these Tangiers poker chips or to lookup pricing/shipping info.

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Our thoughts on the Tangiers Poker Chips

These chips are super heavy! At 16g each, these feel solid. The diameter seems like it is slightly smaller than most chips. In fact these feel a lot like silver dollars and tokens used in dollar slot machines.

Here is what Spinettis says about these chips:
We are really amazed of the quality and styling of these heavy chips.

  • These chips are heavy 16+gram
  • They have a really nice feel, sound and great texture!
  • Denominations are $1(white), $5(red), $10(purple), $25(green), $100(black), $500(orange)
  • Heaviest chip on the market

  • Tangiers Casino is a fictional name which was actually used in the famous movie "CASINO" starring Robert De Niro. You will also see the Tangiers Casino name coming up in the CSI Las Vegas series on CBS.

    Tangiers Poker Chips

    Price Comparisons for Tangiers Poker Chips

    Last time I checked, these Tangiers Poker Chips were available for about 45 cents per chip.

    Tangiers Poker Chips Appearance

    These chips have a nice old-school look to them. Unlike some chips that are too flashy and shiny, these chips have a nice consistent look.

    Tangiers Poker Chips Quality

    The weight of these chips is 16g. Something about the heavy chips feels nice. One drawback is that if you have to haul a lot of these around then it is quite a workout.
    FTR has Poker Tools plus Poker Videos and Poker Tells. The Order of Poker hands is good for rookies.

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