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Turf Club Poker Chips Reviews

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    Our thoughts on the Turf Club Poker Chips

    The Turf Club Chips feel similar to the Paulson Chips around the edges. They feel similar to the Nevada Jacks chips throughout. This puts them in the top group of poker chips. This also means they are relatively expensive compared to chips of lesser quality. In my opinion the Turf Club chips are a good deal for the money. They are probably not for a novice who would take the quality for granted. However, they are a nice choice for experienced players who want chips similar to those in casinos for their home games. Unlike the cheap metallic chips, these Turf Club chips do not make a loud noise when they are banged together.

    Here is what Spinettis says about these Turf Club Chips:
    This is the chip for you, if you are looking quality chips for your poker games with the touch, feel and quality of Paulson chip which are used in just every Casino on world famous Strip!

    Denominations available:
    10cent Turf Club Poker Chip
    25cent Turf Club Poker Chip
    $1 Turf Club Poker Chip
    $5 Turf Club Poker Chip
    $10 Turf Club Poker Chip
    $25 Turf Club Poker Chip
    $100 Turf Club Poker Chip
    $500 Turf Club Poker Chip
    $1000Turf Club Poker Chip
    These chips were made by the members of the Paulson family, previous owners of the famous Paulson chip factory.
    Turf Club Poker Chips

    Price Comparisons for Turf Club Poker Chips

    Last time I checked, these Turf Club Poker Chips were available for between 55 and 79 cents each depending on where you look.

    Turf Club Poker Chips Appearance

    The Turf Club Chips have a unique look. The figure looks like a cowboy. The Las Vegas, NV text is nice. The indentations on the edges are a nice touch, similar to the cane and hat details on Paulson Chips.

    Turf Club Poker Chips Quality

    The other day I had some Turf Club Chips and Paulson Chips in my pocket. Around the edges the clay-like material on both chips has a similar feel. In the middle of the chips I like the feel of the Turf Club chips better because they are rough and clay-like, unlike the James Bond Paulson Chips which feel smooth in the middle where the Isthmus City text is displayed. Any chip that has a feel like a Paulson is obviously top notch in the quality department.
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