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    Introduction and Welcome

    Welcome to 21Ace, my name is Eric and I'll be your guide.

    Our Video Matrix makes it easier to find videos. Be sure to check it out!

    Our Media section shows what we've been up to with magazines and television. The monthly articles with Poker Pro Magazine are a lot of fun!

    Be sure to visit our Card Tricks forum, it is the most active part of our message board but the fun doesn't stop there. We also have cool forums for Contests, Chip Tricks, Poker Chips, Poker, Game Room Activities and much, much more.

    We have many people who handle playing cards and poker chips every day so rest assured that our ratings of these products come from folks who know what they're talking about.

    This would not be a proper introduction without some history about the site. 21Ace has been around for a very long time but things started to change in 2003 when information about poker chip tricks was added. Later that year the forum was created and Shadow started coming up with ideas. Our forum and community continued to grow over time. Here we are in 2006, still growing and learning. Our Card Trick Blogs and Newsletter are recent additions to the site. Our new private council has been working on these and other additions. They also help prioritize some of the great ideas and suggestions in our community.

    Enjoy your visit here, hopefully you can become a regular part of our community. Don't forget to introduce yourself in the forums and remember to be friendly in your posts.

    Poker Chips and Playing Cards Discussions

    Poker Chips and Playing Cards

    As everyone knows, the object of poker is to get all the chips. Different casinos have different chips but most agree that Paulson chips are among the best. Many folks cannot afford Paulson Poker Chips for their home games(they cost $1 or more each) so they look at less expensive chips. Unfortunately the marketplace has become flooded with cheap plastic chips. If you cannot afford Paulson Chips hopefully you can look through our reviews and find another chip that fits your needs.

    KEM cards are popular in casinos in part because of their durability. People purchase playing cards for different reasons and what is best for a poker player is not what is best for a magician. Magicians and Card Flourishers prefer Bicycle cards and Bee cards to KEM cards because the paper finish is better for handling than the plastic finish on KEM cards. Keep in mind that there is a trade off, the paper cards have a great feel to them but they do not last nearly as long as plastic KEM cards and they are not as durable. Poker chip tricks and playing card tricks are a lot of fun and we have some talented folks in our forums who enjoy sharing what they've learned. The folks in our forums talk both about the tricks themselves and about which supplies work best.

    Poker Chip Tricks During Blackjack and Poker

    There is down time in blackjack. For example, there is a break in between shoes when the cards are shuffled. There are also times when the pit boss comes over to count everything. Furthermore, obnoxious players can sometimes cause delays in the game. One way to maintain focus during these interruptions is to do poker chip tricks. I learned the shuffle chip trick and twirl chip trick first. Shortly after the first few poker chip tricks, I moved on to the front to back chip trick, the knuckle roll chip trick and the butterfly poker chip trick.

    Like Blackjack, Poker has many stops in the action. I like to play Texas Hold'em and there are many hands that aren't played under normal circumstances on a 10 player table. When I'm not involved in the hand I use it as a chance to pick up information on my opponents. Looking at betting patterns, body language and aggression, I take in everything I can. When I'm in a hand I try to do everything the same whether I have AA or 72 offsuit. However when I'm not in a hand I can mess around with different poker chip tricks while observing the action.

    Many different poker chip tricks are discussed in our Poker Chips Thread in the forum. All the famous tricks are discussed in detail. Some of the tricks are quite difficult like the muscle pass or anti-gravity chip trick by Antonio the Magician. Another tough trick is the Butterfly by Evelyn Ng. There are plenty of easy chip tricks too. The Front to Back and the Chip Roll are not too difficult.

    Poker and Blackjack Room Decorations

    Having a game room is a dream of mine. I love the posters of dogs playing cards, that is one of the first things I would have in the room. Another requirement is a poker table. We have lots of threads in the forum discussing the best options for building or buying a poker table. A pool table is another nice fixture. My friends and I used to play a lot of 8 ball when we were younger but we've been playing more and more 9 ball as we've gotten older. Although I don't have a game room, I do have plenty of poker chips and poker cards.

    Our Blackjack and Poker Room Decor page has many ideas for decorating a game room. There are some really cool card-themed prints to choose from. Our Poker Chip Store page has information on where you can get different types of poker chips.

    Tricks and Flourishes Defined by Niiro13

    Tricks are generally card manipulations done to creat a magic effect. Changing a card from one to another would be called a trick.

    Flourishes on the other hand, are things done to cards to show skill. Things such as fanning and shooting the cards from one hand to another are flourishes. They don't do anything magical.

    Now, XCM, or Xtreme Card Manipulation is a term coined by De'vo vom Schattenreich. Because of this name, flourishes are now regarded as a name. While XCM moves fall into the definition of flourishes, they are pure displays of skill.

    A flourish to today's XCMers is a name. Flourishes are XCM moves used to enhance magic. So instead of spreading through the cards normally and asking someone to pick a card, magicians may fan the deck. Daryl's Hot Shot cut can be used to reveal a selected card. That is a flourish, though many times XCMers use it as a utility move.

    Poker Card Tricks and Magic

    Playing single deck blackjack can be interesting. In many ways it is easier for a dealer to cheat when holding the deck instead of dealing out of the shoe. Single deck blackjack is better for card counters than multiple decks because it is easier to keep track of the true count. These are some of the reasons why many casinos have switched to multiple deck blackjack games dealt out of shoes.

    Card tricks and magic have been around as long as playing cards have been in existence. The hand is truly faster than the eye so some of the tricks out there are amazing. When playing cards in casinos it is important to stay in reputable game rooms and pay attention at all times to avoid being cheated. In order to avoid getting cheated in home games several steps should be taken. Playing with trustworthy friends is a good idea. When playing cards with strangers it is important to cut the deck often and watch the dealer at all times.

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